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The Other Side Of Tunnel……………….

Every cognizant Hazara knows that we have been suffering for over a decade in Quetta as the main target of religious and ethnic persecution which seems to get worse with each passing day. Our peaceful street protests have yielded no results in terms of getting our voice heard nor has it awakened the Hazaras as a nation to take practicable measures to minimize the effect of these attacks. Every responsible Hazara youth feels a sharp pain in his chest when another of his tribesman fells prey to target killing.  In these years, almost every Hazara home has witnessed bloods of their martyrs who were ruthlessly murdered in broad-day light in busy and congested areas of the city. By and large, alignment, timing, velocity and fervour of these terrorist attacks have exacerbated and so have the amount, size and degree. The wave of terrorist attacks in Quetta, with its spreading wings, has engulfed lives of hundreds of innocent people, demoralizing their spirit of nationalism, alienating their brethren bond and solidarity and sowing seeds of hatred among city-dwellers. We know very well that masked men spraying bullets on innocent citizens in Quetta have widened the fraction among, otherwise, friendly and peaceful nations who had been living in Quetta for centuries with religious, ethnic and racial harmony.

Worst to mention is the role of our politicians who have done more damage to the nation then any good due to their egotist attitude as their sincerity and honesty have always been thinnest like strand of a hair. When being part of a government, they raise low-pitched slogans of justice and revenge with typically crammed obsolete self-centered phrases to pacify innocent people but, when not holding a position of responsibility in government, they speak the loudest being the only sympathisers and nationalists. We know for sure that we have not been able to raise a man of political wisdom and high stature who could be selfless, sincere and truly nationalist. The series of target killings and terrorist attacks waged against us have mentally disturbed people who think that something enormous be done to minimize human loss. They, now, draw a line beyond contribution of the single political party and the so called politicians. We have voted all Hazara candidates, campaigning hard for their win and taking them to ministerial seat with the hope that they could be a harbinger of change, standing firm and raising voice for their nation but they have failed miserably. Every Hazara political party, activist groups have been put on test to provide with a sound platform for the Hazaras to record their voice nationally and internationally but they have proved to be lethargic enough to come out of their pad.

Ironically, local and national news agencies succumb to pressure of various interest groups and anti Hazara lobbyists, giving no coverage to the victims of these terrorist attacks. In most cases, the news agencies turn their cannons towards Hazaras criticising Hazara youths overtly for expressing their anger, agitation and discontent over these ruthless killings let alone showing responsibility towards their so called professional commitments of sympathising with families of victims of target killings. It makes one wonder as to how media could turn against innocent party which would, otherwise, show great keenness in petty summer news, filled with gossip and unworthy discussion. In a matter of hours, the whole tragic scenario changes into a nightmare where the victims of terrorist attacks and target killing are not given due space in media but unending cynical media trail starts to suppress their voice and provide complete armoured shields to terrorists.

As an individual I have always stood tall, contributing with agile ideas on every sober platform, meetings and seminars as how to cope with current wave of barbaric acts of terrorism and target killings, being perpetrated against us. Some of my ideas presented at various thoughtful platforms have been restated by others on numerous occasions without giving appreciation/kudos to the original thinker. I wish ideas had patent rights like companies’ logos, monograms and designs which could prompt to reserve them under patent rights.

However, I, recently, shared some of them briefly with one of my confidant friends, who recommended that I use this platform to convey my heartfelt messages to our community which could trigger constructive conversation for their sustainable implementation to safeguard the interests of our nation wholly and minimize human loss spreading our voice to a larger part of the world.

In light of on-going cruelties against us, we may feel belittled to retaliate with arms, weapons and ammunition reciprocally as it will bear no long-lasting result. Instead, alternate routes could be adopted to capitalise our strengths and capabilities to the extent that nobody could dare hurt us the minimal.  As we expect the minimum from our politicians, the single political party and other so called Hazara activitists, it is high time that youths took the reign of wisdom and mental power in their hands to take concrete steps for brilliant and scintillating future. The followings are the doable recommendations which need to be pondered over in order that our strengths be elaborated, opportunities sought, weaknesses removed and threats minimized to greater extent:

  • That we need to launch our own Daily News Paper either in Urdu or English so that we do not rely on coverage of other media groups for injustice and cruelties waged against us.
  • That a TV Channel could be launched to meet greater needs and demands of Hazara youths for combating terrorist acts and target killings.
  • That our bureaucrats are retiring in a few years meaning that we will not have any senior bureaucrats representing the Hazaras on national level, being alarmingly worrisome as others, with position of responsibility, would fetter our voice in view of occurrence of any target killings and terrorist attacks. We need to establish a state-of-the art CSS Academy to train our youths for competitive examinations so that we don’t lag behind in executive level positions.
  • That Hazaras living across the world should be mobilized to form proactive task force groups, representing Hazara nation, meeting with various human rights organisations, members of European parliament, American senators, politicians and Australian politicians and the UN to brief them on overall target killings of Hazaras with the request to exert sizeable pressure on government of Pakistan for our protection and safety.
  • That a special task force group, entirely separate from the above, should be formed to meet European, Australian and American politicians, human rights organisations and the UN with the request of mass migration of Hazaras from Quetta to the above countries in light of cruelties and atrocities being perpetrated against us.
  • That another Task Force Group should be formed, entirely separate and different from above two, to meet American, European And Australian politicians and educational institutions in view of our previous tremendous educational record and achievement to request them for provision scholarships to Hazara youths in various subjects.
  • That a Relief Fund could be set up for families of the victims of to target killings and terrorist attacks.
  • That Career Counselling Body, comprising of proactive but totally separate from the members of staff of CSS Academy, be formed to guide Hazara youths towards admission into genuine educational institutions for acquiring higher education. This group should also provide help and support and counselling to all students at Matric level in choosing the right path for their future course of study to be more helpful for the nation.

These are a few points which need to be worked upon on priority basis which will be beneficial in minimizing human loss, alter others views in target killing Hazaras.

Liaquat Ali Hazara


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  1. salam liaqat brother pleased to see that we still have a very carring person in our nation and i respect and i am favour of wht u said this is the single way of ur protest to show the world that the Hazara is a Nation and we have a role in the world and as well in pakistan and quetta but who will help us as i know no one would willing to contribute their time ,money and any sort of idea first the Hazara should wake up and than these plan could work. and i am sure one day it will

    and i must say this is the only solution to stand side by side and to stand infront of their face and show them.

    • Dear Raza Brother,

      Good to know that you have read my article and appreciated my efforts which will boost up my morale.
      By the way, where did you find my blog from as it was published with my name on then they removed it with my permission?
      If there are some sincere and honest people who say we will work on them, i will devote my time and money and I will fully support them.
      My recommendations are not hard to achieve but they need dedication and commitment.

  2. salam
    which Hazara nation are u talking about?????? nation is always recognized by their leaders but unfortunately we hazara either didn’t have any sincere leader or we din’t let any sincere man to lead us…….We never thought and will never think at same platform….we don’t have much friends that we have foes in our own selves….we are the bitter enemies of our selves….we are a big part of Quetta city but have we ever made any institution for the prosperity of our nation or our youth???? our youth either stay outside home aimlessly or strives their best to go aboard by any means (esp.illegally) to become a third class person over there and clean up their shits there…..
    sorry to say mister!!!!! ur ideas are non practical in our nation…..
    as once said” those who can, do…..those who cant, teach”
    so plzzz stop playing with words and if u r really loyal and sincere with us, do…
    nipolean said….” if u cant run, walk….if cant walk, crawl but keep moving towards ur goal…”
    i hope u didn’t mind my bitter words….but sir!!! i m not a man of words…..
    sorry for any bitterness and hurting…..

    • W/Salam!
      I believe you have not read the entire article calmly as I, myself, have underscored our leaders’ sincerity and honesty in the second paragraph. I know better that wolves have worn on sheep’s skin and entered our herd, pretending to be our friends, this is something we have to identify and confine them in solitary place.
      I know that we have never tried sincerely to make a state of the art Institution which could help built prosperous and successful nation, henceforth, my recommendations earnestly demand for establishment of such institutions to be formed in order that our national interests are safeguarded.
      It is an irony that youths in Quetta are aimlessly wandering around as they receive remittances from overseas, having some family members abroad, supporting them financially, however, the solution to this problem has also been mentioned in the end of my article in the form of recommendations.
      The Commander of the faithful, Imam Ali (A.S) says, “if you want to stop an injustice, do it with your hands, if incapable, do it with your mouth and if not do try to curse it in your heart”.
      You have prerogative rights to disagree with me and your positive feedbacks are of great help but I have fairly contributed toward something positive which we never think of.

  3. a proud hazara

    salam to all hazaras.
    i am very happy that there is a place there we can make some discussions about our nation and future.
    i just want to say that we have a history about our nation,
    we dont need any help from others, we can make it clear by out selves,
    as one of our brother said that a successful nation needs a good leader and we dont have any, and when we had we never respected them.
    abused them, and did alot against them which they didnt deserve.
    we should wake up otherwise there will be more worst then now.
    how can we stop those killers, every one wants to eat a grilled chicken with souse, that we are right now for them,
    no one says any thing, or you can say that we are now used to it.
    when ever we wake up in the morning we wait untill some one announce anyones name in the mousk that some one has killed a hazara man some place, and what we do, we take the dead body, play a tradional game it it,
    like take it in bazar and shout like idiots that,
    tum kis kisko marwa o ge,
    ham sari qaum hussaini hai.
    and then take the dead body to nachari immambargah, and after that graveyard.
    why they dont kill us?
    a question,,,,,, ask yourself this question and please answer me next time.
    why they should not kill us? it will be a little bit rough but its true, and it will be better to right it in hazaragi.
    No, i dont think any one does, so this is the answer my brother, we have to become strong, and defend ourselves,
    its nature that when ever some one has stopped any danger against there nation, so they struggled for that and fought for that, we are getting killed without any struggle my brothers,
    we have alot of spies in our nation, those kidnapping, killing systems, our own brothers are involved in that.
    how can we stop the strong enemy that we are not strong by our self.?
    it is hard but it is not impossible.
    we can do it, all we need to forget our personal problems with each other and get together like a feast, like a punch.
    coz a single fingure cant damage any thing as a punch,
    GOD bless you all.
    will you

  4. a proud hazara

    i want to thank you in the last for you beautiful article liaqat brother,
    it is true and those who are honest they like the truth and follow it.
    and in the secound hand there in only one HAZARA sayed brother not which hazara are you talking about.
    so when ever you write or comment calm down and think first, coz there are alot of people who are reading that at the same time.
    have a great time.
    zindabad hazaragi.

  5. i want to thank you in the last for you beautiful article liaqat brother,
    it is true and those who are honest they like the truth and follow it.
    and in the secound hand there in only one HAZARA sayed brother not which hazara are you talking about.
    so when ever you write or comment calm down and think first, coz there are alot of people who are reading that at the same time.
    have a great time.
    zindabad hazaragi.

    • Dear Hazara Friend!
      I am thankful that you have liked my article, which is, but, a small contribution from me. I am looking forward to hearing from you about ways to remove hurdles to our progress. Please feel free to discuss and if, deemed suitable, underscore the drawbacks in my writings so that I can bring excelled notions for the readers.

  6. ali muhammad

    liaqat birar! hope u r fine,i appreciate ur work and far as this problem is concern,i think these will go on yet since the purpose of these(what ever it is) has not completed we need to do s/t to built some sort of berrier to stop or at least make it harder to proceed,

  7. Dear Liaqat Salam. Many thanks for your great ideas and the pain which you have for our poor nation HAZARA. I agree with every single word you said about the facts above. Please do not let yourself down by people giving dirty comments like mr syed. Fortunately I am in London too. We need to discuss the mater widely and your dream could be true in very soon future. Give me a misscall or text me your number on +44*********1. I would be happy to call you back. Thanks from a proud Hazara.

    • Dear S.A Hazara!
      I am grateful for the time taken to visit my blog and view its contents. In fact, I never allow anyone to demoralize my self-esteem, as regards the visitors and readers of my blog, they have their own point of view, commenting on matter(s) of interest from a different perspective which familiarize me with various thoughts.
      Thanks for your encouragement and appreciation.


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