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Super 8 Round Of T20 Cricket World Cup (Pakistan vs England)

Yesterday, Bangladesh was once again washed out from the T20 Cricket World Cup Tournament as they lost their last match in group A against Australia, who profoundly, marched into the second round with securing 4 comfortable points, winning their both matches against the Defending Champion Pakistan And Bangladesh.

With sheer lack of concentration, enthusiasm and patience, the Bangladesh Team lost the match cheaply to Australia which, otherwise, could be proved interesting enough provided they had concentrated more on their batting, taking time in play shots. After the departure of Bangladesh Team from T20 Cricket World Cup, who have never won a single match in this form of cricket, Pakistan qualified for Super 8 Round of having won one match in the first round against Bangladesh.

Today’s first match of the Second Round must be sensational enough as Pakistan is meeting England in about two hours time. Both the sides are capable of turning the match in their favour, keeping in view their previous two matches in the First Round against their group rivals. England had been a bit bad luck in the First Round when the put a massive score of 191 in 20 overs against West Indies who won the game on Duckworth and Lewis system after the heavy downpour which agitated England Captain.


They will surely rely on Eoin Morgan, the Irish who has been very good in this type of cricket as he delivered against Ireland as well in the First Round Match. England’s fielding side is much better than Pakistan’s which will, definitely, give them an edge.


Shahid Afridi’s captaincy in the tournament has been poor as he does not seem to use his brain for compatible bowling, batting and fielding changes which has cost Pakistan team in the previous two matches. He still clings to dressing room strategy which could not of much help when in ground as decisions by a captain, need to be aligned in accordance with tempo of the game. He needs to aware of his poor captaincy decisions and learn not to repeat them in this round which take oust Pakistan of the tournament.

Fingers crossed and let’s see who will win.

In this match, I support neither of the team as England is my residing country at present and Pakistan is my native.


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