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It comes with no surprise to cognizant people that a a Seattle based artist, Molly Norris who posted a cartoon on her website of a chair, cotton reel, cherry and other items each claiming to be Mohammed, sparked sharp agitation and anger across the Globe with many direct threats coming to the Originator of this silly idea. This is not the first time in recent years that someone of high caliber, stature, designation of repute and wisdom, has come up with the agonizing notion of Holding such a day, which could, otherwise, be unacceptable by Muslims who try to be patient enough towards discriminatory policies of the West. In many European countries, categorical curtailment of religious activities are taken place with deep concern on the pretext of matters of national interests which could be handled professionally not to hard sensitivity of the faith. France, for example, holding a considerable proportionate  of Muslim population would jump into grievous issue  of wearing headscarf or hijab or hiding one’s face despite the fact that Muslims have huge social and economic contribution in their country. A lot of European countries, intentionally, bring forth an issue which collide with Muslim beliefs and knowing the truth that these sensitive issues bear no result for the society, they are taken up keenly to earn some cheap reputation.

In 2005, the Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, drew a blasphemous caricature with a bomb in his turban, infuriated the Muslim world over who took their protest to street demonstrations with many potential life threat to the cartoonist himself.  In his recent lecture programme arranged at the University of Uppsala, about 70 kilometers from Stockholm, he was assaulted by some furious Muslim students who were there to attend the lecture. The Danish Cartoonist has lauded this initiative of of 20-05-2010 which he termed as manifestation of freedom of speech.

There are umpteen examples of religious hatred and intolerance shown by many westerners towards Islam and Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny), which are being exercised at short interval by anti social elements to widen the gulf between the east and the west. At present, this has become a fashionable trend to disrespect a figure of high esteem and moral status so as to earn publicity and fame. Although they are highly educated people of the world who know about etiquette and religious tolerance, they suffer from inferiority complex to expose their thoughts negatively to draw others’ attention. These maniacs, on the name of freedom of speech, know very well that their vicious ideas would agonize all Muslims across the world but they fear not because they wish to be associated negatively with a personality par excellence.

Instead of tendering apology once people’s feelings are hurt, they need to careful enough when bring such controversial issues on the table as religion is in the blood of people, especially Muslims, who, under no circumstances can accept any blemish or tiny blasphemy from others. The whole world has already turned into a hell where innocent people are dying due to their irresponsible fellow beings. We must make every possible effort to bridge the gap between two cultures as clash of civilization can virtually ignite an inferno. The only problem between Muslims and people of other faiths is that they latter have never made any sincere initiatives to tackle the obstacles of trust deficit. Tolerance is taught to everyone newborn baby yet he pities to learn it from others. Disintegration of other schools of thought in a society  will turn into volcanic situation which burns out everyone.

All intellectuals, educationists, anthropologists,  human rights activists and pacifists must break the ice and work honestly to demoralize the anti social elements, hate and war mongers, religious fanatics and maniacs who take advantage of every thing to spread hatred among people. We should take concrete steps to build healthy relationship among people of all faiths. To build up their confidence, better integration and socialization, they must be encouraged to come forward to play their role of working towards respect and integrity of humanity.


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  1. good work liaqat brother.
    i couldn´t stop myself to for answering your post.
    some one makes a joke or something so what is the big deal?
    why are people making so big problem for such a worthless story.
    when peopel makes jokes about GOD or jesus no oe speakes or talks or makes a strike against it.
    bro there are alot of islami countries, no one makes a strike but the only country its PAKISTAN who strikes for every f****** problem.
    its not a problem neither. as i said why they dont strike when hollywood makes film ABOUT GOD or JESUS.
    why are the enjoying there life in dubai, saudi arabia, or yaman. but we should follow that rules which is created by themselves.
    its bullshit. just let it go. and look forward for your country, for you nation. for justice and humanism.


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