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Last week’s tragic news deepened our heartfelt feelings for the oppressed and poverty stricken people of Hazara tribes whose miseries and hardships fluctuate in accordance with wishes and desires of people in corridors of powers in Afghanistan. This is not the first time when the Pashtun Nomads have repeated their forefathers’ barbaric act of inhuman plundering, ransacking, burning villages and murdering innocent Hazara tribesmen of Behsud province, Afghanistan. These beasts practice their annual rituals to quench their thirst with looting and murdering of Hazaras whenever deemed feasible. These atrocities enraged Hazaras all over the world, pledging full support to their people and organizing street protests and demonstrations. The protests and demonstrations may, barely, lessen the plight of the affectees who must be in state of shock and awe for these unforeseen repeated happenings. Ironically, it has rather become customary in modern world to come to streets, chanting slogans, making inflammatory speeches among rounds of applause from the members of public to solace themselves and, definitely, ours is no exception as website and blogs are inundated with press statement, pictures, and audio visual documents to register their civilized way of protest.

Press statements are released in haste to condemn this inhuman act of Pashtun Nomads, websites are filled up with colourful pictures and videos of protests but the positivity is, depressingly, nil. The ones, who denounce these uncultured acts in their press statements and appeal from other Hazaras for financial aides, fail to start this noble cause from their own members’ financial input for the plundered and oppressed Hazaras. Street protests  and demonstrations in front of Afghan embassies are arranged for chanting slogans which are not even covered by local media let alone the voice be heard widely by Human Rights organisations and relevant humanitarian institutions to acknowledge their efforts. It was better if the participants of these protests were requested to contribute financially for their fellow tribesmen who expect financial aid rather than moral and political stance.
About a year ago, some vigorous news items circulated among Hazaras about formation of Crises Management Cell in Quetta, Pakistan. This Cell was formed to address urgent needs and requirements of Hazaras in time of dire emergency call out but the Cell, itself, may have gone into crises as many lethal incidents of target killings, acts of terrorisms and suicide attack(s) have been happening at regular intervals without any condemnation from this novice organisation. Understandably, this Cell would become functional in time of crises, as regards the recent happening of Behsud province; I anticipate it to come to financial help of their Hazara tribesmen living across the border. The roars of single political party are still at par whose response needs to be observed with all round keen support from Hazaras. Other well wishers, nationalists, activists, regardless of the mention of their names and social stature could come up with mammoth financial aid for the Hazaras of Behsud to show their unconditional support and affection for Hazara brethren.

I request all Hazaras to come forward and help Hazaras of Behsud at this time of extreme hardships. Everybody must take cognizant note of their role in helping their fellow tribesmen socially, politically, morally and financially.


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  1. Shafqat Ali Hazara

    This quotation suites perfectly here, when Martin Luther King once said.
    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friend’s”

  2. Hi Liaquat Ali,

    I thought you might be interested in this article from Australia by William Maley about why the Australian government decision to ‘freeze’ asylum claims from Afghanistan is so flawed.




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