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Knowing about metaphysics has always been human beings’ innermost desire. We have read and witnessed many incidents which depicted sufficient scale of mind-boggling and surreal thoughts to make people believe in divine or sacred hands. When describing human beings’ structure and existence in view of the Holy Quran, we are bound to restrict it into a boundary where every creature in the universe performs its obligations under clear instructions of the Almighty and the omnipresent. The whole universe is set to comply with these commandments and human beings are, definitely, no exception to them. It is said that education opens many windows into our heart and mind which tend to get brighter with time passing. This notion is, unfortunately, applied wrongly to negate the realities and hidden mysteries of the world to call oneself liberal, broad-minded and enlightened etc. It is also, perceivably, observed in our society that the most liberal ones whose inclination of religion is rarely seen or practiced, they resort to prayers, alms distribution in the name of beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny) and apostles or imams and charities when being in hot water or a difficult situation.

We, through ages, have believed in various creatures as saviour – from old stone age to contemporary time – people of different faiths and schools of thought have worshipped trees, fire, water, the moon, the sun, idols etc due to the fact that we have not used our mental and physical strength appropriately. Depending on others, thought to be more powerful and intelligent, has boosted our moral and courage and as Dale Carnegie said in one of his books that human beings are all hungry of sympathy. We depend on others because we would like to be heard, sympathized with and shown affection to. Our thoughts, actions and intellect all vanish in a mist when it comes to believing in something supernatural. This weakness of human beings has prompted them clinging to the practice of black magic. Witchcraft, no doubt, has been mentioned in the Holy Quran and exorcism of ghosts and evil spirits is even, truly, exercised in modern world in Roman Catholic churches throughout the world but what makes human beings others’ slaves is to be examined thoroughly. Unfortunately, talisman, fake exorcist, fortune tellers, palmists and astrologers are mushrooming in our cities to fleece the poor and credulous people of their money whose nerve-wracking wait to get rid of hardships never turn out to be true. Then, they could switch to another remedy by approaching someone else who has been heard of and is seen as alternative to solve their problems.

I was not, at all, surprised to see that intellectuals, educationist, doctors, engineers and students of contemporary era have started relying on a mollusk whose predictions to date has been accurate enough that it earned far better position than that of people mentioned in the second paragraph and thanks to ICT which, enormously, contributed in paving the way for earning money and bringing breaking news for its viewers. This time we have trusted the German Octopus which became world known since recent Football World Cup to predict the win or lose of participating football teams. The overnight stardom of this eight-armed cephalopod mollusc (Octopus) was, further, heightened by clever businessmen to multiply their bank reserves and the gullible have, lavishly, spent money to escalate its fortune-telling stature. We know that this poor Mollusk’s eight arms have been abused to extort money as long as people do not see any alternative(s) to their remedies. News items surfacing news agencies seemed, gleefully, amazing as Spain’s President worried about the safety and protection of the Creature and offered help for its protection after their win against Germany in Football World Cup. A well-known company even offered hefty salary to employ it but the reasons for its employment remained undisclosed. Presumably, the Company wanted to employ this Creature to get accurate prediction about turnover, employees’ attendance ratio, the performance of R&D and beating its competitors. Ever since its successful predictions of the Football World Cup, its progress has increased manifold and now – companies associated with social networking sites such as Facebook – are using it to predict people’s spending, their love life, success and many others.

I wonder how easily people are fooled when they see a poor creature which is even fed by human beings. What makes us believe in these creatures as supernatural? What people think when the lay a wager on mere prediction(s) of these animals which are but kept in glass boxes? If they have to believe in it anyway, why don’t they use it to measure our progress, to know about the time of next earthquake, disasters of flood, the cease of bloodshed, terrorism, extremism and religious intolerance and bigotry?

Acts upon us have been transferred to animals, reptiles, molluscs, insects, idols and other creatures whose mental intellect remain miserably immeasurable. Even in this era of modern science where we have discovered remedies to maladies whose widespread fatal human loss was uncontrollable till few decades ago. Scientific discoveries have enabled us to get access to other planets and humans have been comforted with incredible inventions but, alas, act(s) upon us are being performed by animals and molluscs.


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