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The depressing news of a church of Gainesville, Florida to host an “International Burn A Quran Day” on the ninth anniversary of the September, 2001 attacks, has been taken so lightly by Muslim Community that this pre-planned satanic programme comes to us rather as belated news which was, otherwise, published on 31-07-2010 on CNN Website. We know that this is not the first time where a group of people, with extreme orthodox mindset, are attempting to do something foolish which will agitate all Muslims across the globe as these ugly events are happening categorically.

The Pastor is absurdly trying to inculcate his nondenominational notion by saying, “We are saying, stop to Islam, stop to Islamic law and stop to brutality”. Theologically, clergymen are required to master the art of tolerance, perseverance and abstinence in order that they can preach the injunctions and teachings of religion to their followers. Pastor Terry Jones has, understandably, ignored the essence of the Quran and its teachings which has always admonished human beings to refrain from evil deeds. The Holy Book has also termed killing of one man to that of the whole humanity but the above said Pastor has coined the irrational phrases to support his contempt and religious bigotry.

The clash of civilization is in full swing and the anti-Islam propaganda will further exacerbate the law and order situation in the world. The programmes against Islam, Islamic Laws or targeting hijab will surely alienate liberal Muslim sympathies which may tend them to think twice before contributing for a healthy society, hence, the World Community should stand up and criticize openly these callous acts.

Conspiracies, on the other hand, are being baked in the ovens of Semitics who spare no time in harming Muslims vis a vis other divine religions. Muslims’ protests and demonstrations regarding these dismal events will not bear long lasting result. It is about time that the Muslims around the world re-aligned their thoughts towards progress and development of society by investing heavily in education sector to impart quality knowledge to its youths. We also need to demoralize factions of the society who sympathize with extreme views Islamic views and their supporters.


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  1. its a good work by cristian comunity any why should they not do that?
    saudi arabia, iran, and other rich muslim countries are enjoying there lives with there hores and the people who are suffering are US, why?
    why just we condemn this step against islam?
    are they not muslims, or is that just we who is made for secrifices?

  2. An Islamic da’wah group based in Chicago has responded to this issue by promising to distribute 50 Qurans to non-believers for every Quran that the Church burns. Read it here:


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