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The unfortunate and reprehensible suicide bombing, occurring at a peaceful rally on Mizan Chowk Quetta on 03-09-2010 which killed 75 people and more than 200 injured, with over 30% either very seriously or seriously injured, have left the ethnic Hazaras particularly concerned about their security. Every year, the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world take out rallies to show their solidarity with the Palestinian and protest against Israeli aggression and unlawful occupation of Bait-ul-Muqadas or Al-Quds. In the aftermath of the bombing, the law enforcement agencies including paramilitary forces such as Frontier Corps opened fire on innocent people and a large number of them died of bullet injuries of FC personnel. The Inspector General, Balochistan Police, on the other hand, showed complete apathy to the entire matter, blaming the organizers of the rally for this mishap as they had not complied with the designated route. The IG, Balochistan Police also revealed, while talking to the media, that they had credible intelligence reports that religious extremists shall attempt to strike the rally, however, he failed to clarify if sufficient preventive measures had been taken to seal off the area or sensitive adjacent areas to foil the attack.

We may not be able to discuss security lapse or serious administrative flaws which failed to provide foolproof security to the participants of the rally as that is entirely a different matter but, the purpose of writing this article is to put forward my outspoken thoughts in front of the nation for the dirty politics being played with corpse of innocent people. The ideological division between Hazara youths is exemplary evident as the single political party, claiming to represent Hazaras of Quetta is making every effort to engage people in ideological and theological disputes which is widening the gulf among people. The lack of political wisdom, far-sightedness, sincerity and honesty of the main leadership of the party is turning them into a group of self-centered opportunists who could turn the Hazara Society into a bloodbath on various pretexts. Their political manoeuvrings and awful leadership qualities have put the nation’s fate at a stake; resultantly, affecting people’s morale negatively who feel insecure and inferior.

Ironically, some Hazara youths sympathizing and supporting the single political party started pouring out venomous messages for larger vested interests of their party leaders, cursing the local clergymen and their supporters. The propaganda campaign had rapidly started once the incident happened as if they had ill-plotted schemes to dismantle interests of the nation by creating chaotic situation among them. On the contrary, the organizers and clerics heading the rally; had already departed the rally prior to the bomb blast which has infuriated the people to the extent that they seem bewildered to cope with the situation alone.

Mentioning the disappearance of rally organizers and clerics from the scene prior to the suicide bombing, they may be held accountable for their deeds later through a series of political awareness programmes but disseminating anti-religion and anti-clerics messages to the masses at this critical time was absolutely absurd and lacking intellectual depth. As a matter of fact, the society is being driven towards sheer isolation where brother will patch against brother on the name of religion and liberalism. The single political party is aiming to take the youths into 70s and 80s where people of the same faith, interests, political and social values would involve in anti-social activities of proving others infidels and agents to foreign forces. The self-proclaimed political party is awakening the dead vampire which lavishly squandered our talents in the 70s and 80s on the pretexts of theology and Marxism or liberalism. It was morally awkward when the members of this party started chanting anti- theologian, anti-clerics’ slogans on various social networks and internet chat rooms.

Our youths had just fallen victims to religious extremism while some were engaged in shifting the dead bodies and injured to hospitals but the corpse politics had started with full vigour. Regrettably, we lack tolerance and passion which have withered our thoughts and disintegrated our national unity. The Hazara youths are aware of the so-called nationalists and clerics who use them as a tool for vested interests. They know that we cannot allow anyone turning our society into an epicentre of conspiracy or battle for proxy disputes to fulfil the desires of foreign elements in the name of religion and liberalism. As for prospective terrorists’ attacks, who can guarantee that the anti-Hazaras will not perpetrate these crimes in the future? If we blame religious clerics for this incident, then the main leadership of the single political party cannot guarantee either the strike of such happening in their rallies, processions and public gatherings. The attacks on Hazaras happening in Quetta have racial string rather than religious as the affiliated groups with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are carrying out these attacks on various pretexts. Even if we cease to take out religious processions, the terrorists may carry out their tests at our communal and social gatherings.

The hypocrites in our society are earnestly opposing the notion of taking out religious processions, rallies, protests, demonstrations and social gatherings in order to avoid such occurrences. Their cliché thoughts about processions or being twelver may tend to give them some more time and provided this is true enough, why don’t they proclaim publicly to convert to any other school of thought so that the virtuous ones go apart? The ones dying now, at least, have a genuine reason to have honourable death; otherwise, we are already labelled as infidels.

Unfortunately, the reign of the society is in the hands of sycophants and opportunists who swap masks as per demand of time. Their, abhorrently, old fashioned thoughts about the society, cultural mores and values, theology and political thoughts are based on the plans of their foreign masters who play with sentiments of credulous Hazaras.


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  1. who is responsible for this incident?
    why are we HAZARA nation giving that power to those mullahs, who can now decide about our future or life.
    what will happen in future, are we going to punish those responsibles or just keep quit like before?
    how many of our brother are standing in the line for cutting like a carrot through those Iranian agents?
    why cant we border the mullah just to mosques and nothing more, why are they participating in politics?
    how can we make a bright and safe future for our HAZARA nation?


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