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SAKHI RAZA HAZARA SHOT DEAD IN HAZARA GOTH, GULISTAN JAUHAR, KARACHI.’s correspondent, Arif Hussain Hazara has reported the cold-blooded murder of a Hazara youth living in Hazar Goth, Golistan Jauhar, Karachi. Sakhi Raza Hazara – a Rickshaw Driver – was on his way home when he was assaulted by six people with automatic guns which inflicted at least 8 bullet injuries to his head, neck, back and chest causing his immediate death. The victim was, proactively, involved to defend the legal and constitutional rights of Hazaras of the area which raised eyebrows of the perpetrators to shoot him to death. The criminals belong to Gilgit (formerly known as Federally Administered Northern Areas – FANA) who are residing in Mughal Hazara Goth, Golistan Jauhar, Karachi for many years.

Hazara Mughal Yekjehti Forum, Pakistan held a majlist of Fateha and Quran Khawani for the departed soul of the victim, in which a large number of Hazaras belonging to all fields of life participated in the event to condemn this cruel killing. In the meanwhile, Sardar Mehdi Hasan Musa, the Chairman, HMYF also denounced the killing of Sakhi Hazara.

The incident stretches the ethnic clashes between the Hazaras of the Goth and Gilgities to a few years back when a Hazara youth named Ibrar was murdered due to the intensity of the tussle. Some years ago, the ring leader of the Gilgiti Group was also killed as a result of the on-going incident.

A few years ago, some Gilgiti students started residing at Mughal Hazara Goth on the pretext of learning education whereas, they later, involved in undignified activities who were warned of by the local inhabitants. However, they not only tried to extend their monopoly but also shifted their families to the area. They also tried to take ownership of the local mosque which was foiled. Their evil deeds are supported by clerics on the basis of racial background which has exacerbated the situation as clashes, between the groups, have started happening routinely.

The grievous situation demands urgent attention of the Government to resolve it permanently before it turns into a battlefield, engulfing lives of innocent people.



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  1. Hello. I am Ali. I a from Afghanistan and currently I am in UK fightng for my asylum case. Can you please send me proof link for July 2010 report from Minority Rights Group International, where is says Hazara are 3rd most threatened minority nation in the world. I need the proof because I searched myself but had to results.



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