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Hazara Asylum-seekers, detained at Darwin Immigration Detention Center, Northern Territory, Australia have drawn the attention of Amnesty International Australia towards bigotry and discriminatory attitude of one of its lady representatives. An email sent to the New Editor reveals the racial persecution of the Tajik Lady who recently visited the Detention Center as a representative of Amnesty International, Australia. The Hazara asylum-seekers have expressed great concern over impartiality of Amnesty International Australia as the questions asked from them amounted to complete private and personal activities. The detainees believe that the questions asked by the Tajik Lady Representative of Amnesty International were irrelevant and beyond her jurisdiction in respect to the Charter of Human Rights as they magnified matters of private and personal interest. They have requested the Amnesty International to take serious notice of bias attitude of the Tajik Lady, representing the Human Rights Organization and set up an enquiry committee to probe it thoroughly.

They, on the other hand, have also objected the partial and discriminatory attitude of the Pashtun and Tajik interpreters working closely with Australian Government to provide individual and joint translation services. The detainees have also noticed that the Pashtun and Tajik interpreters appointed for the purpose, deliberately, misinterpret the life stories described by the asylum-seekers in a bid to get their asylum claims rejected.

The asylum-seekers have also wished to appreciate the Australian Government for their unprecedented support and cooperation being provided at these detention centers.

The letter below has been sent to this website by a nationalist Hazara intermediary for publication. It is being published, without any alteration, for perusal of the visitors and readers.


We whole heartedly welcome the most honourable and respected guest representatives of the Amnesty International Australia to visiting Darwin Immigration Detention Centre amongst us. We appreciate your kind visit and thanks for spending your precious time with us .Thanks for entire humanitarian assistance of Australian people and Australian government who has provided a safe sanctuary for us in the very difficult time. Also we appreciate the visit of the Chairman UHA (United Hazara Association) Mr. Sayeed Arif Hasheemi to Darwin.

The Amnesty International well aware about the human rights history in Afghanistan is always remaining so poor. And the history of Hazara ethnic

minority are also well know by the agency. we are appreciate the statements and press releases of the Amnesty International for taking notices world wide for injustice situations & activities, violences against ethnic minorities including Humanitarian crimes. unfortunately like the other’s governments President Karzai and his corrupted Afghan establishment is also using always all governmental and non-governmental sources in his own favourer and misguiding the world communities more than other countries. The survival of Hazara’s ethnic still in the dangerous and we are suffering for our survivals. So this is the big responsibility of the agency, to show the right side of the picture in to the world communities. Because the Amnesty International is independent and working to protecting Human Rights world wide. The world have serious challenges like Al-Qaeeda and Taliban regimes still serious threaten for the world communities.

The suffering and bloody history of Hazara’s began in the late 1800s when the ethnic Hazara were 67% population of Afghanistan. The fa-shiest Pushtun king Amir Rahid Rahman’s was resuming religious conspiracy among Sunny and Shiite ethnic Muslims. The religious scholar and other eliminates have been play their key roll in chess game. So soon this elements declared Shiite minority as a infidal. During 1891-1893 the fa-shiest Pushtun king was impost the war against innocent Hazara ethnic. The fa-shiest Pushtun king using full governmental powers to destroyed Hazara ethnic. So in the result, loosing millions of love’s and leaving millions of Hazara people displaces and homeless. During this period the Hazara’s deprived of basic rights. The Humanitarian violences contented unchecked. In 1996-2001 this fa-shiest elements was broken again the all records of genocide, massacres and Humanitarian crimes. This fa-shiest elements now in the face of Taliban was impost institutionalised discrimination, dispossession of Hazara’s from their home lands including ethnic violence and religious conspiracy and have been taken Hazara’s under presentation for converting thiere Shiite to Sunny Muslim. Also what was happened in the Afshar districk, Kabul, Besuod , Bamiyan, Yakaolang, Kand e phost, Qerbagh, Ghazni, Urazgan, Mazar-e-Sharif, Robatak pass are the life evidences of genocide, massacres of Hazara ethnic that no once can find in the Human History before.

President Karzai declaring Taliban his brother and Karzai government is the big supporter of Kuchi’s (Numad) nation wide. also has leader Hashmat Ghani Ahmed Zai who is so closed to president Karzai. So now in this circumstances now who will taken the notice, against of injustice activities of Taliban and Kuchi’s. what was happened in the west Kabul on 13 August this year are the ex-simple of it, and well known by every once.

The Situation for Hazara ethnic is not change yet. The atmosphere are always full of blood, Al Qaeeda and fa-shiest Taliban still active and they targeting Hazara’s every where. According to independent news sources Hazara’s have been persecute on the both side of the border’s. Only in Quetta – Pak 8 to 10 Hazara people murdered very week. if they happing just in Quetta, so can any once imagine that how many Hazara’s murdering all over the central and other parts of Afghanistan every day. Specially in those areas that out of reach, where independent source’s have not access. Not only before but unfortunately today’s as well.

Its means killing of thousand of Hazara’s still remaining uncovered. We don’t know how many Hazara’s daily loosing their life’s. Still we don’t know how many Hazara’s surrounding with the terror’s in dry mountaineer areas so for from Kabul. Still we can not seeing those Hazara’s who always keeps open their home’s door for their love’s once. Because the hopes are still a life, and they don’t want, if their love’s once could return to home, they could find the door close….

Finally thanks for your kind attention and thanks to the respected Immigration Department and Sereco Management for their usual cooperation and kindness. Also thanks to the members of the Amnesty International Australia to visiting Darwin.


On the behalf of Hazara Asylum Seekers

Darwin Immigration Detention Center

Northern Territory Australia



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