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The News Editor, has received a self-explanatory letter from Hazara Asylum-seekers detained at Darwin Immigration Detention Center, Northern Territory, Australia which expresses grave concern about their safety and security in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It also focuses on centuries-long categorical genocide, massacre, religious and racial persecution in their country of birth and thanks Australian Government for lifting the six month suspension of processing of asylum claims. The letter was sent to the editor by a Hazara intermediary, an educationist and a good nationalist, with the request for publication. The contents are being published without any amendment:

Proud to be in Australia, Proud to be among Australians

We whole heartedly welcome the most honourable and respected guest to Darwin Immigration Detention Centre amongst us. We appreciate your kind visit and thanks for spending your precious time with us . Also Thanks to the Mr. Chris Bowen minister for Immigration and Citizenship for announcing Asylum seeker suspensions lifted yesterday after noon. Thanks for entire humanitarian assistance of Australian people and Australian government who has provided a safe sanctuary for us in the very difficult time.

Situation for Hazara minority is every where are always full of blood, genocide, massacres, institutionalised discrimination, dispossession of their home lands including ethnic violence and religious conspiracy. So because of bloody history the Hazara’s loosing their hope of life and freedom. They have been declared infidel. In the home country. In a July 2010 report from minority rights group international they were ranked Hazara’s as the third most threatened minority groups in the world.

Its means our survival still in the dangerous and we are suffering for our survivals in both side of borders (Afghanistan- Pakistan). In the past history have proved that the establishments of the times, was always successfully using all governmental and non-governmental sources in his favourer. Even the establishments was used hazara personals against Hazara’s minority for achieving there aims.Its all happened because of illiteracy & misguidedness.

This elements always showing wrong side of the picture in to the world communities. Unfortunately even through conspiracy Terror now converted in to the meanings of peace. So the most dangerous and discriminated surrounding area’s now declaring as a safest places as like as a haven.

Al-Qaeeda and Taliban regimes still serious threatened not only for Hazara’s but for the rest of the reigns. But the President Karzai declaring Taliban his brother during his speech among heavy Pushton crowds while visiting Pushton areas. So now who will than take the notice against of injustice activities of Taliban. Also the Karzai government is big supporter of Kuchi’s (Numad). And according to the independent news reports the Kuchi (Numad) have links with Taliban even they recognised as the most important part of Taliban. Also Hashmat Ghani ahmed Zai who is the leader of Kuchi’s (Numad) is so closed friend of Karzai. So in

the result world communities have been seen what was happened in the west Kabul on 13 August this year.

So the violence are also continues unchecked in Hazara areas including other different part of Afghanistan. Even its impossible for Hazara to pass a single day without bloodshed. Al-Qaeeda and

Talibans still targeting Hazara’s all across the country including Pakistan. Still Hazara’s are not Muslim and declared infidel. The religious conspire still announcing that if some once killed one Shiite minority they will go to paradise. The circumstances of discrimination is not ended yet.

Its seems to me Like a dream once, time Hazara asylum seeker have 95% visa result of their climes. But the result suddenly fallen in to the 5% – 10%. the climate changed so quickly. Even as so fast that no once could imagine before. The dark clouds comes out from some where and surrounding every where. So what happened in this hard time’s our hope still remain a life. Because we knew the DAIC are so kindness & mercy full.

So before 6 months the suspension have been lift. And we have seen happiness and blessing every where at the first time, after several months. So its means the sun will rising again. And we have to wait for that days…

Finally thanks for your kind attention and thanks to the respected Immigration Department and Sereco Management for their usual cooperation and kindness. We also insure you that we

are law-abiding people, we have believed intolerance. So its no need we go back what was happened in the past. We do not support unlawful activities and we were not the part of them who have broken the law. also we need to focus our concentration in the future. We still need your kindness and we are always looking for.


Afghan Hazara Asylum Seekers

Darwin Immigration Detention Center

Northern Territory Australia



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  1. Dear all Hazara:
    One thing i would like to share with u People that Afghanistan is not safe for Hazaras. If u want to go to Ghazni, then u have to leave all ur things before going to Ghazni. Ghazni is one held by Talilbans, speically if u went to hazara place that are Ghagori and Mailistan or Qarah Bagh or ther place so that is situation of afghanistan.


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