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Four innocent Hazaras, including a four year boy, have been shot dead on Arbab Karam Khan Road, Quetta, Pakistan amid the boastful claims of the provincial government and security agencies to have beefed up security measures to maximum level. The incident happened around 05:00 PM local time when unknown armed-men opened fire at a yellow cab on a congested and busy thorough fare of the city, known as Arbab Karam Khan Road. Three of the victims, identified as Muhammad Hussain, Barat Ali and the 4 year old child Mehdi died on the spot while the fourth one (Suleman) succumbed to injuries at hospital. The heart-sinking incident happened on the 8th Muharram-ul-haram which has increased doubts about the claims of foolproof security measures of the government. The terrorists always succeed in target killing innocent city-dwellers who, comfortably, flee the scene after these incidents while the provincial government and the law enforcement agencies boast about tightened security measures in the city.

According to the Inspector General of Balochistan Police, 3,800 policemen have been deployed along with 70 platoon of Balochistan Constabulary and 62 platoon of Frontier Corps to avoid any untoward situation in Quetta city during the 10 days of Muharram. While talking to a private news channel, he also revealed that a brigade of Pakistan army is also being deployed at the most sensitive areas of the city.

So far thousands of people belonging to Hazara ethnicity of Quetta have fallen victims to targeted and mass killings and the recent trend of abductions of this ethnicity has raised grave concern about the protection of their lives and property whereas the provincial government and the law enforcement agencies chalk out new safeguarding strategies merely satisfying the requirements of official communiqué. Since 1999, hundreds of Hazaras have lost their lives due to sectarian violence and religious extremism; hundred others have become completely and partially disabled who are compelled to live a miserable life as the government provides no means of financial assistance to meet their medical bills and treatment.



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  1. Sallam Liaquat Bro,
    Had to tell you something and that is that i am missing you on facebook.
    I will wait for your brotherly guidance.
    Hope you will be back soon.
    Sajjad Ali


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