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Yesterday, we witnessed a tragic and sad incident in Afghanistan which engulfed the life of 12 innocent workers of the United Nations who lost their lives as a result of protest of angry people. The dead, according to the UN officials in New York, are said to be at least seven UN workers – four Nepalese guards and three Europeans from Romania, Sweden and Norway.

The way the agitated protesters have broken into the UN compound in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan on Friday reaffirms the commitment of the Taliban-style violence and retaliation in an, otherwise, war-torn and improvised country. According to statistics issued by the Economists, “Index of Democracy”, Afghanistan is among the 10 ‘Failed States Index’. One may dispute for and against this figure but it is, understandably, clear that Afghanistan is still in the grip of the Taliban or the people who would leave no stone unturned to propagate and promote this ailment among the masses.

The mock trial of the non-denominational Pastor, Terry Jones, on the other hand shows his non-serious and vague attitude towards understanding the injunctions of a religion which is followed by billions of people across the globe. Rationally, he must distinguish between a theory and a divine religion. The mock debate or trail, taking place at his local church in Gainesville, Florida, was about a book revealed to the mankind by the Divine and being a pastor of a church is against the etiquette of his designation to promulgate such a doctrine which is against the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Mr. Jones has, indeed, defied the verses of the Bible which teaches the lessons of tolerance, respect and human rights.

This is very easy to record a video clip or release an inflammatory statement from a safe haven but one needs to consider all the pros and cons before doing something irrational which potentially jeopardizes the lives of all those who leave all comforts of life behind to carry out philanthropic work at the most volatile and dangerous places on earth.

As per news reports, the Taliban in yesterday’s angry protest, were giving out arms and provoking people to radicalise their doctrines. This also exemplifies that the Taliban is not a group of people but a malaise which is being inculcated in people’s mind in the safest places of the US and dens of Afghanistan and Pakistan to keep the show of bloodshed, massacre and turmoil on.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Jones is feeding a giant blood-thirsty monster and providing a concrete platform to it so that the gulf among the people of various faith and schools of thought remain wider however the price is paid. Both the Taliban of Afghanistan and Mr. Jones are, evidently, furthering the same cause of hatred and intolerance as they are directly involved in playing with the lives of innocent people regardless of their creed, caste, religion and personal beliefs. The preceding reactionary movements of Mr. Jones as he announced last year to burn 200 copies of the Quran with umpteen hate messages, snapshots and video clips on his official website portray a different kind of Christianity which makes one belief that the religion of Jesus Christ has been harmed to the extent that the pastors interpret its teachings at his will.

We may write lengthy lines for and against this notion but I, clearly, hold responsible Mr. Jones for today’s mishap as he endangered the lives of 12 innocent people in a relatively calm and peaceful area of Afghanistan. If the ignition spreads to other parts of the world with more hostile attacks on innocent aid-workers and members of international donors, which seems to opt that course of action, then whose side Mr. Jones be?

Considering at his deeds or ill-deeds which promote loathsome, bigotry and illiberal doctrines on this planet, I would say the Taliban shall exist everywhere regardless of their colour, religious and cultural background and creed.


(Please Note: This article was written hours after the Mazar-e-Sharif Incident).



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