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(Burial of the Martyrs at Hazara Graveyard, Alamdar Road Quetta.

Photo Courtesy: Mechid TV and

In today’s suicide bombing in Quetta – killing 11 innocent Hazaras and injuring 22 others – 5 bodies were laid to rest at Hazara Graveyard, Alamdar Road, Quetta.

Earlier this morning, a suicide bomber attempted to enter Alamdar Road, Quetta to target the Hazara Eidgaah to afflict maximum causalities to the people, gathering for Eid Prayers but due to tight security, he could not succeed to enter the route, instead he aimed for an adjacent place to and blew himself up near Sardar Mehdi Hasan Musa Girl College, killing 11 people, including 2 women, a minor girl and injuring 22 others.

The President, Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Provincial Chief Minister have condemned the incident, which usually remains to shallow condemnation from government functionaries and politicians.

The Balochistan Police Chief’s incompetence and inefficiency echoes from various media channels that the police cannot stop these attacks overnight and the people should cooperate with the police.

There are over three thousand troops in Quetta city, which comprise of the security personnel of frontier corps and the police. They have set up check posts at different sensitive locations of the city, however, the previous incident of target-killings have occurred at a distance of hundred yards from these check posts.

Syed Muhammad Qaseem is an alumnus of the Government Science College, Quetta; who said, “He feels really depressed on the target killings of the Hazaras.” “The government is not doing anything to stop it or to start a crack-down against the religious extremists who are trying to sow hatred among brotherly ethnicities of Quetta”, he said.

The Quetta populace, in general, agree that the present federal and provincial governments have taken no steps to curb the menace of sectarianism or to take legal action against imported religious clerics who deliver provocative speeches in mosques in the province to fan religious hatred and sectarian fanaticism.


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