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International Imam Hussain Council will hold a conference on the genocide of Hazaras on 12-11-2011.

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International Imam Hussain Council – a not-for-profit organisation – working to improve inter-communal relationships among all the ethnic communities across the UK; has organised a conference in London to raise voice against the systematic genocide of the Hazaras in Pakistan. The details of the programme are as follows:

S. No. Time and Date


1. Title

Uncovering the genocide of Hazaras

2. Venue

Al Khoei Benevolent Foundation

3. Date


4. Time

3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

A large number of participants are attending the conference who will include the members of the House of Commons, House of Lord, human rights organisations, prominent figures from academia, civil society etc. So far Lord Avebury, Lord Dubb, Amnesty International, representatives of Foreign and Commonwealth Office, its Aid Department for South Asia and the renown intellectual, writer and Professor at Harvard University and the former Minister of Trade and Minister of Finance in Iraq have confirmed to attend the event.

The main purpose of the conference is magnifying the genocide of the Hazaras in Pakistan through the lens of human rights whereas the speakers shall voice the fundamental rights of the Hazaras. Members of electronic and print media such as the Independent, the Telegraph, Geo network, Ary News Channel, BBC Four, Press TV, Ahlulbayt TV, Voice of America and other distinguished news agencies have consented to give full coverage to the event.

All the Hazaras, their sympathisers, human rights activists and members of civil society are earnestly requested to attend the programme to show their full commitment and solidarity with the under-represented and oppressed people of Hazara.

If you, however, wish to find out more about the programme, please contact the organisers at


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