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Hazara Community Milton Keynes organises a wonderful Eid Party.

Kids at Eid Party

Kids at Eid Party

Hazara Community Milton Keynes organised an eventful Eid Party on Tuesday, 21st August 2012 at the Melbourne Community Sport Pavilion from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM. The party started about an hour late from its schedule due to the general tendency of the people to turn up late at functions. The event, however, was so successful that men, women and children joined in big numbers to rejoice and enjoy the celebrations of the auspicious day together. A large number of the HCMK members with their families attended it. While enquiring about the hall, the General Secretary HCMK, Muhammad Hussain said that it was built recently. Since the spacious hall contained a big public park, the men and children preferred to stay out and share jokes, gossips and views on topics of mutual interests as well as playing football. The children were particularly keen at playing small games and chilling out with their peers as if they have not seen one another for ages.

HCMK had had its general elections a few months ago with the new administration taking charge of different posts from the outgoing office bearers. The new administration was elected unanimously for a period of two years to serve their community.


Didar Hussain briefing the members of HCMK

HCMK under the supervision of Didar Hussain, who is the incumbent President with his confidant friend and General Secretary, Muhammad Hussain are making strenuous efforts to bring all the factions under this community. Some of their efforts have yielded to tangible fruition in short span of time in that the estranged factions and groups have been merged into the Community permanently.

Didar Hussain, the HCMK President, started his speech to extend Eid wishes to all, thanking the members and the guests alike. He particularly thanked Tanzeem Nasl-e-Nau Hazara Mughal’s representative for Europe and UK, Asghar Ali Gulzari and Liaquat Ali Hazara of Hazara United Movement for coming along and joining the function. After arranging papers in a sequence, he continued, “I spent a lot of time doing these arduous activities of compiling the names of the members but, unfortunately, we don’t have the full contact details of our members. You must remember that I have even emailed you at midnight to inform of the activities which suffices that we are making hard efforts and working round the clock to assemble all the Hazara Diaspora of the city under one organisation.” He said, “I also have personal life but, at this time, I have put it aside as I have got to update the record of our members and their contact details etc in order that they can easily accessible in the hour of need. It may seem lightweight activity but you must understand that the activities which I cannot perform on my own, I request others to help me, for instance, the tabulating and designing of the forms lying in front of you. This required time and the skill for someone adept to make it and I requested someone else to help me. They, sometimes, can do it on the spot but they may ask you to come another time. I keep going to them to get these things done.”

Didar Hussain thanked the volunteers, teachers and all those who devote time for running day-to-day business of the weekend school.

Talking to me, Didar Hussain and Muhammad Hussain were keen enough to share that they were in the process of documenting the contact details of their members which will be computerised for ease of access and use.


First Right: Muhammad Hussain – General Secretary HCMK

“Once the details are computerised, it is easy enough to track the monthly subscription fee of the members and those who have not paid the membership fee, for example, they can be reached to collect the remainder amounts”, said Muhammad Hussain.

Besides, different other realistic plans are afoot with short and long term policies to work till end for their success.

HCMK is also running a part-time school with students exceeding the number of 40. Since the weekend school was opened only a year ago, the students are mostly of kindergarten who are being taught with supervision and volunteering services of the Hazara and non-Hazara teachers. Along with the text books designed for schools in England, the students are also taught about their religious obligations with memorising the verses and chapters of the Holy Quran as well as supplications. Students, at a very young age, can read out the principals and fundamentals of Islamic teachings fluently. The volunteers, teachers and the administration staff of the HCMK must be complimented for their efforts to make it a success.

HCMK has a range of sports activities underway. Besides, the Community runs separate male and female volleyball teams. Recently, the Community held first all Hazara snooker tournament in Milton Keynes.

L-R (Hasan Ali, Ali Dost, Muhammad Hussain, Sadiq Noyan and LAH

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  2. Very nice long live Hazara. It is our identity

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