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The 19th Martyrdom Anniversary of Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari held in London with great reverence and renewed commitment.

London witnessed a huge gathering of the Hazara Diaspora on Sunday, March 16, 2014 to commemorate the 19th Martyrdom Anniversary of Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari, his companions and the martyrs of Afshar Blooshed with unprecedented support  from people of all walks of life. People from across UK gathered in overwhelmingly large numbers at the Bukhara Hotel, Isleworth to renew their unconditional commitment and pay homage in a resolute manner to the martyrs of February 11, 1992 and the martyrs of March 13th, 1995 who became the victims of aggression and terrorism in Afghanistan.

Hundreds of men, women and children came along to exhibit solemn promise to their Great Leader and the fallen heroes.

Right Wing Picture (Audience)Right Wing Picture (Audience)

The responsibilities of the Stage Secretary were shouldered by Khan Ali and Maryam Atayee whose excellent skills of poetry-reading illuminated the programme with huge rounds of appreciation from the audience. The poems were carefully chosen to depict the scenario, replete with revolutionary quotes and sayings, attributed to Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari to pay respect in the noblest way.

Khan Ali (Male Stage Secretary)

Khan Ali (Male Stage Secretary)

The rounds of delivering verses of selected poems continued throughout the programme which provided equal opportunities to the stage secretaries to show their poetic skills in melodious tone.

Maryam Atayee (Lady Stage Secretary)

Maryam Atayee (Lady Stage Secretary)

The programme started with the recitation of the Holy Quran whereas Ali Ahmadi was blessed with an opportunity to enlighten the hearts of the audience.

Ali Ahmadi (Reciting verses from the Holy Quran)

Ali Ahmadi (Reciting verses from the Holy Quran)

Following him, Shala Khaliqyar, a young girl, was called upon to pay tribute to the Great Leader. She saluted Ustad Mazari by mentioning short biography of the Leader and proceeded on saying that Ustad Mazari was always alive in hearts of the people. She talked about the bravery of the Leader who also taught people the message of love, equality and justice. She said she took great pride in mentioning the daughter of Ustad Mazari who always admonishes ladies to wear hijab.

Habib Ahmad Nadi was the next speaker who revered Ustad Mazari by reading a Persian elegy:

هندو كش گريه كن مزاري رفت
ان زلال هميشه جاري رفت

(Hindukush weep for Mazari is gone
That which flowed continually is gone)

Habib Ahmad Nadi and his friend.

Habib Ahmad Nadi and his friend.

Latifa Sultani was the next speaker to be invited on the stage to deliver a speech. She termed Ustad Mazari as the only support and hope of the people who took extraordinary measures to unify the Hazara tribes and save them from internal conflicts and disintegration.

Latifa Sultani

Latifa Sultani

Later, a group of young kids, known as the New Generation Group and consisting of two boys and two girls were called on the podium to share their affection to their beloved Leader. They showed their love through a Persian poem which reads:

اي خدا دل بيقرارى موكونه
از غم افسرده يه زاري موكونه

(Oh Lord, my the heart is restless
it is sad, depressed and moans)

The New Generation Group

The New Generation Group

Then, Liaquat Ali Hazara, was invited on the stage to salute Ustad Mazari. He came on the dice and said that he will specifically talk as per topic’s demand which was, (مزاری سمبول وحدت ملی و تندیس صداقت – Mazari the symbol of national unity and integrity). He portrayed Ustad Mazari as a perfect human through examples and historical references. He quoted Dr. Ali Shariati’s saying about the Holy Quran whose whole philosophy revolves around the concept of Mankind and Human Being. He said that a large number of people come in this world and pass away but they remain mankind their whole life while there are a few people who make to the category of humans and that is because of their noble work and past services to the humanity. He, further, related the concept of mankind and human being with the quotes of Tiber Munde (a Hungarian-French Scholar) who had termed the world to be in a conic shape in his book, “a glance on the history of tomorrow“. Mr. Munde, after declaring the world to be in a conic shape, divided it into three parts, ie., the bottom, the middle and the top. The speaker (LAH) explained that in the bottom part of the cone, a huge number of people are placed who do not make efforts to change their lives and always remain at the bottom. They are also called the mankind. In comparison, some people can progress to the middle part of the cone who are in transition from mankind to human being while a few can make it to the top and they are the human beings. Ustad Mazari was one of the few people who arose from the bottom to the top due to his outstanding performances, exemplary vision and foresightedness.
LAH also said that Ustad Mazari’s messages of communal harmony, equilibrium, justice, tolerance and protection of the rights of women and minorities; have in fact been mentioned in the Magna Carta of the Britain (the first undisputed charter of the then King of England, promulgated in 1215, to guarantee equal rights and opportunities to all and safeguarding the rights of minorities). He also explained as to show the essential elements of Magna Carta have been incorporated into the British Constitution, European Union Constitution, the European Convention of Human Rights and the Universal Charter of Human Rights. He also explained the reason to mentioning Magna Carta and linking it to the messages of Ustad Mazari. As Mazari had emphasized on  the fundamental human values at a time when the world had forgotten about Afghanistan, when Afghanistan had plunged into civil war and when over half of the world was oblivious of the technological advancement including the internet. He said Mazari preached these ideals at the right time and only the most refined people can envision such excellent thoughts and Mazari was one of the finest persons the world ever produced.

Liaquat Ali Hazara

Liaquat Ali Hazara

Neelab Follad was the next speaker to deliver a poem in honour of Ustad Mazari. Her excellent method of delivering poetry, with primary and secondary stresses where necessary, coupled with melodious voice convinced the audience to appreciate her efforts with huge rounds of applause. Some verses are as under:

اى سروسبزعشق زبعدت بهار كو
دردشت تشنه دل ما چشمه ساركو

بارفتنت جنازه خورشيد خوانده شد
ابر سياه ظلمت وجزشام تاركو

كوان دلي ديگر كه طپيد ازبراي ما
ان مظهر وفاو دل بيقراركو

بازار دين فروشي عجب گرم گشته است
ياصاحب الزمان تو وان ذوالفقار كو

(Ah, the Cedar of love, where is the spring after you!
Where is the spring in the wasteland of our parched hearts!)

(With you passing away, the funeral of the Sun was said
Where is the cloudy black deed and the dark night!)

(Where is the heart that ached for us!
Where is the epitome of loyalty and the restless heart!)

(The trade of faith-selling is thriving
Ye Sahib-uz-Zaman and where is the Zulfiqar!)

Neelab Follad

Neelab Follad

Later, Ustad Mazari’s only biological heir and his daughter, Zainab Mazari, addressed the audience through a pre-recorded  video tape. She urged the people to maintain cohesion and harmony among themselves in that her father had always preached for the same values. She said that the Hazaras are in favour of equilibrium in Afghanistan and that women should have equal opportunities in the society.

Maryam Mazari

Zainab Mazari

Following her, Haji Sadiqzada, the Representative of Ayatullah Mohaqiq Kabuli for Australia, Europe and America came on the dice to deliver a speech. As he had returned from Afghanistan just a week ago, so he emphasized on the need to share his experience of the recent trip in line with the preaching of Baba Mazari.

Starting in a fluent tone, he lambasted Mohaqiq and Khalili for polygamy and amassing ill-gotten wealth which was never the intention of Baba Mazari. He questioned, as to how these so-called Hazara leaders; who accidentally held the reign, declare themselves as the spiritual leader and successor of Baba Mazari when they cannot follow the footsteps of their predecessor. He said that both Mohaqiq and Khalili did not deserve to represent Hazaras due to their incompetence and apathy towards genuine issues of the people.

His speech was packed with Quranic verses about equality, justice, forbearance and perseverance to be applied in a just and civilized society. He even quoted verses from the Quran in which Allah says to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) to support his nation. He also claimed that supporting one’s own nation is in line with Islamic teaching which is not prohibited.

Haji Sadiqzada

Haji Sadiqzada

Zakir Hussain and his friends were the next participants who came from Birmingham to render respect to Baba Mazari. He read a Persian poem attributed to Baba Mazari while his group repeated the first line of the poem in chorus :

بابه جو بيتو توديگه غم دل كم نموشه
اي تيمو بابه موگه دل مو بيغم نموشه

(Aye Father, heart-grieving does not subside without you
Thy orphans lament for the sorrows won’t fade away)

Zakir Hussain and Friends from Birmingham

Zakir Hussain and Friends from Birmingham

Haji Gulzari was the next speaker who sensitized the audience about the mass migration of Hazaras in 1890s to the neighbouring Pakistan, Iran and India due to the extreme forms of subjugation. Through slides’ show, he shed lights on the history of the Hazaras, their re-emergence and achievements to the highest levels of excellence in public and private sectors in those countries, noticeably in the British and Pakistan Army. The slides’ show covered the period from 1205 to the present.

Haji Gulzari

Haji Gulzari

Rahmat Follad was the penultimate speaker who shared his emotions and devotion through poetry, written for the purpose. It reads:

سروازاد شهادت السلام السلام
اي ثارملت السلام

السلام اي شيرميدان نبرد 
عارف فرزانه خو فرزانه مرد

ناله مارا سرودي اى پدر
هرچه بود اخر توبودي اى پدر

نام توسردفترحماسه هاست
ياد تو گنجينه مهرو وفاست

(Salute to the evergreen liberated Soul
Salute to the Asset of the Nation)

(Salute to the Brave Heart of the battlefield
Gnostically prudent and the wise)

(Aye Father, thou chanted our moaning
Whatever, thou were the hope, aye Father!)

(Thy name is in exordium of epic
Thy remembrance is a treasure of love and loyalty)

Rahmat Follad

Rahmat Follad

The last speaker of the programme was Ali Ahmadi whose speech consisted of the quotes, sayings and preaching of Ustad Mazari.

Ali Ahmad

Ali Ahmadi

Later, Haji Sadiqzada was requested to come on the dice to offer prayers for solidarity and unity of the people.

Photography (Sama Studio)


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